Any Kind Of Plumbing Problem – Solved!

Home repair and maintenance tasks are never very fun or romantic to deal with, but when you have a plumbing problem, it tends to be more than inconvenient; it’s downright stinky. When this happens to you, get the repair done right by the plumbing experts at Home Furniture, Plumbing & Heating.

Plumbing Repairs We Offer

When you contact us for plumbing repair, we will start by inspecting and diagnosing the problem. Then we will give you an estimate of cost for the job. We will always be happy to discuss your options and provide alternatives when there is more than one route to solve a problem.

Clogs, Unclogged

Say goodbye to slow drains or ones that have stopped completely. You don’t realize how important it is for water to be able to drain until it won’t drain–and then it can be a downright emergency. Call our plumbers for any type of clog, including the following:

  • Clogged toilet
  • Clogged garbage disposal
  • Clogged kitchen sink
  • Clogged bathroom sink
  • Clogged bathtub
  • Clogged mainline
  • Clogged drains

Sewer And Septic Issues, Fixed

Don’t play around with wastewater. If you have a sewer or septic issue, it can be a health hazard to you, not just an inconvenience. Call us for any sewer or septic repair needs that you have, including these:

  • Sewer leaks
  • Slow drainage
  • Sewage water backing up
  • Sewer line repair & replacement

Leaks, Stopped

Water isn’t supposed to leak from your plumbing lines anywhere. If it does, it costs you money on your water bill and also can cause water damage in your home, leading to costly repairs. Stop leaks with our plumbing repair service.

  • Leaky water lines
  • Rusted pipes
  • Burst pipes
  • Bad plumbing joints
  • Leaks in drain pipes

In some cases, depending on the type and severity of your leak, you may be a candidate for a complete re-piping in order to give you a long-term solution and not just put a band-aid on a long-term problem. We’ll do our best to give you an accurate assessment of your problem and explain your options.

Our Commitment To Quality

Our licensed, insured plumbers in Kankakee are fast, efficient, and committed to excellent quality work and superior customer service. That means that we will respect your home, honor our word, and do the job the way we would want it done for ourselves. We have been in business since 1945 and remain the area’s trusted source for plumbing repair today.

Choose Home Furniture, Plumbing & Heating For Plumbing Repairs In The Kankakee Area

To schedule your plumbing service appointment, please call us at 815-200-4095 or contact us today. We look forward to serving you.