Plumbing issues can cost you on your utility fee and in damage to your space.

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12 Indications You Need a Plumber

A few plumbing problems, for instance a burst pipe, are obvious. Others aren’t as obvious but have the potential to impose a lot of destruction in your house.

While you could try to fix some of these plumbing concerns on your own, you might end up making them worse in most circumstances. Expert plumbers have undergone specialized instruction and have years of hands-on experience.

Here are a a handful of issues that necessitate the expertise of a local pro like Home Furniture, Plumbing & Heating.

Water Drips

1. Burst Pipes

In the cold weather, water can freeze inside your pipes and cause pipes to break. A broken pipe can cause flooding and considerable water damage in your house if it’s not mended immediately.

If you think you have a broken pipe, the beginning step is to turn off your home’s water reserve. You’ll do this at the main water shutoff valve, which is usually situated in your utility area or basement. Turning the valve clockwise will cut off the water.

Then reach out to us at 815-933-8213 right away. Whether it’s behind a barrier, in your lawn or under your house’s foundation, we’ll be able to locate the burst pipe and fix it quickly.

2. Water Payments Are Piling Up

If you aren’t using more water than typical and your fee doubles, there’s a good likelihood you have a water leak. Sometimes your payment will go up a bit. It’s harder to expose but will typically become more evident as the leak gets larger.

It can be hard to find a water leak without pro assistance. Nevertheless you can check your water meter to figure out if the leak is inside or outside your home.

3. Mold is Emerging on Walls, Ceilings or Floors

Some mildew is normal in humid rooms like bathrooms. Although it’s not usual to find sizable amounts accumulating on a non-shower wall, the ceiling or on baseboards, notably if these areas feel soft to the touch.

4. Walls, Ceiling or Floors are Disintegrating

A dripping pipe can make walls, ceilings and floors to feel soft or sag. It can also leave water marks on surfaces.

These challenges can occur in areas with poor venting or high humidity. But it is especially difficult if you are witnessing other signs of a leaky pipe, like mildew or moldy smells.

5. Musty Smell

Standing water can make a space smell stale. If the space also has moist walls or floors, you could have a water issue.

Other Plumbing Problems

6. Backflow Within Your Sink or Toilet

Your plumbing can back up sewer water and cause damage when the water force lowers in your home. This can be caused by a broken backflow preventer, sewer line deterioration or other municipal issues. Call us at 815-933-8213 at the first sign of backflow and we’ll get it fixed quickly.

7. Water Pressure is Scarce

A variety of things can be going on when your water pressure is low. There can be a obstruction in your plumbing fixture. It may also be caused by a malfunctioning water heater or a broken pipe.

8. There’s Never Enough Hot Water

If you have a hot water unit with a tank, it has a defined capacity for hot water. If you’re experiencing cold water when you have not used a lot of heated water, something may be wrong. Your boiler could be not watertight, in need or repair or need to be updated.

9. Sink or Shower Drains Slowly

A block is probably to be the reason when your sink or shower empties too slowly. We use a special tool like a drain snake to unblock and get your fixture draining efficiently again.

10. Toilet Is Continually Running

If your toilet’s tank seal is broken, it will signal the tank to continue refilling. A toilet that is always refilling can quickly drive up your water bills.

11. Water is Discolored

Your water should be see-through.

Don’t fret if it comes out dirty once in a while, as this usually just means there’s air in the water supply. If you see particles settling at the base of your glass, you should have your boiler checked.

Water that’s any other color can be harmful to your health. Below are a few issues that could cause your water to be discolored:

  • Brown, red or yellow—This is usually caused by a water main break in your area. It may also mean your pipes are deteriorated.
  • Green or blue—This is extremely serious, because it means your pipes are probably corroded. Your water may taste brassy or bitter on account of a high amount of copper or lead. Long-term exposure has been associated with to serious health problems in adults and children, including intestinal illnesses, cancer and seizures.

If you’re seeing discolored water or grime in your water, connect with us at 815-933-8213 and we’ll identify the issue.

12. Pipes are Making Loud Sounds

If your toilet’s tank seal is broken, it will signal the tank to continue refilling. A toilet that keeps refilling can quickly drive up your water bills.

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